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Fusion Collab anyone?

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 11:32 PM

i was thinking

does anyone want to do a fusion collab?
I just thought that would be a fun idea to do!

put art examples down below ^^

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Boku No Hero Academia Oc cosplay Requests!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 6, 2017, 5:38 PM

Hey Guys!
if the title doesnt't explain it
i will be taking requests!
For what you ask?
All you have to do is comment a Boku No Hero Academia character you want to cosplay as
and link your human/EQG Oc!!
I will not be humanizing any ponies, so please have a human form avaliable
I will only take 5 to start
and they will be on one canvas
Deku- :iconderpydinosaurus:

I will only be doing heros at the moment
next time will be villians
this is first come first serve!

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Christmas Commissions!! ~0/7 Slots OPEN!~

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 1, 2017, 6:27 PM

Hey guys!
I will be opening up Christmas commissions for a very low price!

Here are the prices and Examples:
Traditional Headshot (Colored Pencils)
Eyeless Jack by DerpyDinosaurus
10 points
Traditional Headshot (Markers)
Kitrina by DerpyDinosaurus
15 points
There is currently no fullbody for this, so they are not avalible

Atlas ~Gift~ by DerpyDinosaurus
Flying High ~Gift~ by DerpyDinosaurus
20 points
No Humans Currently for these

Headshot with shading
Tempest Shadow by DerpyDinosaurus
30 points
Can be Humans, cats, gems, or ponies

Fullbody With Shading
Emil by DerpyDinosaurus
Shelly ~B-day Gift~ by DerpyDinosaurus

D.Va by DerpyDinosaurus
40 points
Detailed Background is a extra 5 points
Simple background is free and optional

Base Edits
Sincerely Me ~Base edit~ by DerpyDinosaurus
Kyllian Ref ~Redesign/New Ref~ by DerpyDinosaurus
30 points
You give the base unless you want me to choose

Kyllian Ref ~Redesign/New Ref~ by DerpyDinosaurus
Themed Pony adopts by DerpyDinosaurus
Emil ~BNHA OC~ by DerpyDinosaurus
Ticci Toby Furry ~Open~ by DerpyDinosaurus

Seven Deadly Sins ~Ocs~ by DerpyDinosaurus  Random Adopts ~2/8 OPEN~ by DerpyDinosaurus  Even  More Random Adopts ~4/8 Open~ by DerpyDinosaurus
30 points With Base
40 points without base
info I will need:
Base or no-

Dia de Los Muertos by DerpyDinosaurus
60 points
Currently no human examples right now

I plan to add more items to this list along with expamples

1 :iconflorathextrmealicorn:
2 :iconsalty-king:
3 :icontajaa101:
4 :icontajaa101:
5 :icontajaa101:
6 :iconaquasongmlp1:
7 :iconaquasongmlp1:

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Christmas Contest!! [UPDATED PRIZES/DUE DATE]

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 26, 2017, 2:39 PM

Thats right guys!
Chirstmas contest time!
Its getting closer to the time of Christmas, and i have a idea for a contest!
The contest will have a theme to it
and the theme will be...


Yep! That's right! Ugly sweater party!
The idea of this contest is simple
draw one of my ocs with yours with ugly sweaters!
And you can have as much fun as you want!

You can use bases! Credit them if you do
you can have as many entries as you want!
Don't trace or other people's entries
Don't say "Oh this artist is gonna win, so i'm not gonna try" Or anything like that
No shipping unless you ask first

These are the following ocs you can draw
sorry they are on google plus, i was too lazy to put them on Stash…

First: 1 fullbody shaded with bakground and speedpaint along with 600 points
Second: 1 Headshot shaded with 1 sketch fullbody along with 400 points from :iconstarla-stroke94:
Third: 1 Sketched fullbody and 100 points
Honorable mentions will get shoutouts

This will be based mostly on Creativity!
It will be creativity on the sweaters and originality with the whole picture.


Have fun!!

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About Wishlists

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 25, 2017, 11:14 AM

I was talking to :iconkatssinyes: and we got onto the topic of Wishlists
I honestly don't think I will make one myself.
Depending on how much I like you, and on how much I know you
There is a possibility that i might draw something for you if you put it on your wishlist.
I'm not saying I will, It will only be a possibility
I wont draw all of them.

And to anyone i owe something to, i plan to get it all done before the year ends. If that doesn't happen, i am sorry, and i will try my best to get them done soon.

I will be doing advent adopts, and i will find some themes for the said adopts
I will try to keep up this time by making 2 adopts each day, so that i am ready. They will be a mix of ponies, humans, and possibly furries

and i will try to make some cute Christmas pictures this year, and maybe do some YCH with them!

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Live Streaming + OC RATING!!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 22, 2017, 5:33 PM

Live Stream^^

Oc rating rules!!
You must be okay with honest opinions
If you would like a small redesign to show how you should fix it, ask me! I won't mind
if you don't like what i say, don't be a bitch about it.
State if you want me to roast or rate, i can do both

How to submit:
rate or roast
redesign (yes or no)

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Hey guys!
Just wanted to pop in here
:iconnugget-king: is fine
They will just be taking a break for a while

Live Streaming again!!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 7, 2017, 4:48 PM

Live Streaming!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 30, 2017, 5:47 PM
Join :iconatlaspegasus:, :iconthelilcrazymoney:, :icontheclipartist:, and I in a livestream!
We will be playing a varity of different things, Such as, Minecraft, Maybe Cards against humanity, and we will be drawing!
We will NOT be taking requests or art trades, So do not ask


Hey guys~

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 18, 2017, 10:31 PM
Hey guys!
As you can tell by my Deviantart Page, Im running out of core ;;
It would be nice if someone could either buy me core, or atleast help get core!
I dont usually like asking for something like this ;;
Feel free to offer on these ocs:…
I know some of those say cash, But I'll take points too!
If you are interested in commissions, I have my commissions open with new prices!…

thank you for your time!

Live Streaming!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 17, 2017, 11:12 PM
Join me for fun!
I might draw people's ocs if i get bored ^^

Selling these OCS all together for $9
Please buy

All have more art………

Cards against Humanity!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 3, 2017, 8:09 PM
Join me and some friends in Cards against humanity!…

the password is derps
We are gonna have fun!…

Please buy
PayPal only………

Comment either here or on the posts
All of her art:…

I will not take ponies
I will take points, Money, and high quality gem or human ocs

The highest offer is currently 8,000 points/$80

Please do not ask why i am doing this, personal reasons………
Hey guys

Honestly, i dont like doing this

I'm trying to get a oc, and i need 3,000 points
Im kinda broke

Whoever donates more than 10 points will a drawing of their oc from me
When you send the points, tell me how much you donated, and link your oc •^•

Thank you guys <3

Its kind of important ^^…


Looking for money and points mostly

If you can comment on the posts, that would be fantastic ^^
Anyways, if you offer ocs, please don't offer ponies. And i want high quality ocs •^•
S'mores is back up for offers


What im looking for: (in order from most to least wanted)

For ocs:
Has more than 5 arts
High quality
Good design
5 minute
Less than 3 arts

For points/money:
Over 2,000/$20
I will take payment plans IF you can get it in 2 weeks or less

For art:
High quality art
Offer something else with it
I will take art slaves but you have to have a oc or money/points added along
Not looking for customs

About her:
She has around 40 arts
Got her from +Rebellious Reesez​​​

Rules: (you must agree)
1) Please ask before reselling/gifting
2) if you redesign her, make her recognizable, don't make her a completely different oc
3) please have more art before asking to resell
4) when you resell, you have to give the rules to the new owner
5) if you break these rules after me giving you a warning, i can revoke the oc without a refund

The new owner will get all of her art

Highest offer:
embedded_item1501034303240 by DerpyDinosaurus